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Monogamous Black couple practicing BDSM and creating fetish content. All of our scenes are consensual and a safe word is always available and encouraged. All media is produced by MR. & Mrs. We began a D/s lifestyle in 2022 and decided to share our BDSM journey with you. Zara's solo media is also available and the goddess herself truly enjoys her sexuality as she is an exhibitionist & nude model. Follow our socials and check out our Xsite bunny for our scenes+ more from Zara. You can view and download our other videos on Manyvids


Subordinate, Model, Service Submissive, Princess, Creative.
- Fashionista -
"Submission is earned not taken"
"Stay sexy"

NameZara Polarys
TitleDoll, Submissive, Switch
Sexual preferenceWhatever MR likes

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Tribe leader, Rope artist
- Professional photographer, videographer -
"The secret to Dominance is competence"
NameMR. Shaft
Sexual preferenceCis/Het & Bi Ebony Natural Women
TitleMR. , Sensual Daddy Dominant


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